November 2015


The Babel Project in Ferguson!

I’m leaving Ferguson today with a reaffirmed belief in the power of movement work, and a reaffirmed life commitment to amplifying those important voices. Theirs are the voices on the ground, the ones beyond the mainstream media, too complicated for a large foundation to invest money in, too nuanced for a hash tag or social media campaign. They are the people behind the closed down restaurant, in a cold Midwest winter parking lot, organizing, strategizing, chanting, and fighting for justice, opportunity and human dignity. These past 10 days I heard stories of pain, loss, and unbelievable heartache with no explanation, no chance for closure. Imagine losing a child with a promising future. Twenty-five gunshots through his body while his hands remained in surrender position. I can’t imagine it, and THAT is my privilege. But beyond just stories of pain and loss, I spent these past 10 days hearing and baring witness to stories of strength, intelligence, community building and so much love. Thank you for allowing me into your homes, for sharing your stories with me, for allowing me to be an ally. Thank you for trusting me and believing that we can take control of the narrative and produce media that truly represents the movement. I’ve learned so much in just 10 days. My mind is going a million miles per second, and I just can’t wait to get back here in a couple weeks to continue working with the raddest four young women around. Look out for our film in collaboration with The Truth Telling Project in the spring!