September 2016


The Babel Project at GO Summer 2016

This summer, The Babel Project ran its fourth annual Documentary Filmmaking class with The GO Project in NYC. A total of thirty students in two classes worked together to create three short documentary films–a video portrait of a fellow student, a film exploring racism and how to stop it, and a doc about how to eat nutritious food. Students also created a “Humans of GO Project”, a photography gallery based on Humans of New York.

The students reflect on their work in the short video below. Check out the links at the bottom to view the full films!

Thoughts on Racism (password: gosummer2016)
GO Summer students in the Babel Project workshop chose to address the impact of racism in their community with this documentary. They interviewed teachers, students, and people on the street about their views on the pressing issue of racism and how people can help to stop it.

Choose Healthy (password: gosummer2016)
Students interviewed each other, people on the street, the school cook, and their cooking teacher, about what eating healthy means to them.

Moments of Michael (password: gosummer2016)
Student producers wanted to know more about Michael, one of the GO Project students who loves the sport of “bottle flipping”–tossing a partly-filled water bottle with the goal of it landing upright.

– Alice Obar