Our Approach

We believe that no one is more equipped to express and address an issue than those directly affected by the problem. From educational inequality to youth labor laws, immigration and cyber-bullying, young people today experience a unique set of circumstances. The Babel Project equips students with the tools they need to identify those issues, express them through film and photography, and use their art to spread awareness and create positive impact.


We believe that making a film is just the first step. We work with our students to create targeted screening opportunities, educational materials and find related human rights campaigns to help their work reach the widest audience. In a world of social media and ‘slacktivism,’ we want our students to know that their work can do more than just get ‘likes.’ They can use their voices to create actual change!

Our Programs

At The Babel Project, we believe in process and product. Our students films have been screened in human rights film festivals, school classrooms, community centers and libraries, used as first hand testimony in human rights court cases, and used to support human rights campaigns and legislation.


At The Babel Project, we don’t believe in one-off projects or Band-Aid fixes. Our success is contingent upon achieving long-term sustainability. We believe in hiring locally and partnering with organizations rooted in a community. We think that skills must be developed and nurtured over time. That’s why we strive to create recurring programming with our partners, as well as opportunities for students to pursue their work outside of workshops.

students from underserved communities

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