Dangers of Walking to School


In August 2015, Equal Education – a grassroots movement fighting for quality and equality in the education system in South Africa – launched a social audit of 244 primary and secondary schools, serving 217,388 Black and Brown students in working class townships and rural areas in the Western Cape.

Among other issues, the social audit revealed that 2 out of 5 students sampled had experienced violent incidents, including assault and sexual harassment, in school or on the way there.

In 2016, The Babel Project teamed up with four Equal Education activists to produce a short film documenting the issue.

We believe students are the experts on the conditions of their own lives, and are tired of governments perceiving working class communities as the least credible source of information on the services they receive.

Stand with Equal Education to demand the government is responsive to the issues plaguing students in poor and working class communities across South Africa.


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